Beta Test Instructions

My Cat’s Gone Fishing

Thank you for participating in our Beta Program. “My Cat’s Gone Fishing” is an interactive fishing game where Cats catch Fish by tapping on your phone. Your goal when testing with your Cat is to help us determine what types of fish, movements, & color capture your cat’s attention. Please follow the instructions below to unlock your 1500 Pet Parade prize tickets.

: Use this link to install from Google Play.
iOS: Download the TestFlight app and login using the same email address you used in your Beta Application.

After installing the My Cat’s Gone Fishing app by following one of the links above, open the app. Then press the orange SIGNUP button to tell us about your cat.

When the game begins, place your phone or tablet in front of your cat and encourage him/her to play with it. On a separate phone, take a video recording of your cat as she interacts with the game. If you cat is not interested, leave the game open for several minutes until the game times out and returns back to the PLAY screen. Try this several more times.

When the game begins, tap the Fish icon in the upper right corner. This reveals a popup menu which will allow you to change the color, speed, size, and styling of the fish. Change the options to what you think your cat would be interested in by tapping the arrows. Once you have made your selections, slide the RESET switch to the right and your changes will take affect. Try this several times to see if you can get your cat to interact with the game. Video record your cat after changing each option. While you record, describe the options you’ve selected.

Email us your Video Recordings to In the body of your email, please include the email address of your Pet Parade account, your name, and your Cat’s name.

Then visit this webpage to complete the survey form. Your 1500 Pet Parade prize tickets will be credited to your Pet Parade account within 5 business days after your submission.

NEED HELP? Email us at with your questions.

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