• Pet Parade v2.0
    We are excited to announce the release of Version 2.0 of Pet Parade in the upcoming weeks ahead...
  • My Scoreboard
    Update to the latest version of Pet Parade to unlock the newly designed My Scoreboard page which now shows a quick summary of your most recent Tournament Matches with indicators on which ones you have XP, treats and tickets to collect. To unlock the new Scoreboard and update to the latest version of Pet Parade, […]
  • Charity Goal Donations
    Pet Parade and Good Boy Studios is a proud supporter of our local animal shelter and non profit partners. To help local animal shelters in need, you may donate your Pet Parade prize tickets to a Charity Goal in Pet Parade and we will make a cash donation on behalf of our users once the […]
  • Premium Tournaments
    Update to the latest version of Pet Parade to unlock Premium Tournaments that award real pet prizes like treats and toys for your fun-loving fur-babies.  To enter a premium Tournament, go to the Tournament Home screen by tapping on the Trophy Cup and look for the Tournaments that award special prizes instead of gold tickets. […]