Cuteness Challenge

Every hour thousands of new pet photos and videos are posted on Pet Parade!!! Cuteness Challenges are a fun way for you to test how cute your pet photos and videos are compared to the millions of other pet photos on Pet Parade.

To create a Cuteness Challenge, tap on the center main game play button. And then tap on the animated slot machine icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Pull the lever on the right side of the Cuteness Challenge screen to reveal a randomized match-up.

At the bottom of the screen you can use the dials to select how many Face Offs you’d like the match-up to be based on which will determine how many silver coins the challenge will cost and the size of your payout in gold coins if your pet wins the challenge.

When you tap the Accept Challenge button to create the challenge, your challenge will be added to the list of matches that other Pet Parade players will judge. Depending on the time of day and the number of Face Offs you’ve selected, challenges may take between 1 to 24 hours to complete.

We’ll send you a notification when your Cuteness Challenge has new results. And you can check the results of your Cuteness Challenge at any time by tapping on the MATCH RESULTS icon in the upper left corner.

Whenever your pet wins a Face Off vote, you will see his/her score increment up in the top portion of the Match Results screen. Each vote is tallied in the Match Feed at the bottom of the screen. When your pet wins or is given a treat, don’t forget to collect the XP from the win or treat by tapping the purple buttons. You will need the XP to level-up and unlock prizes in the prize store.

A Cuteness Challenge ends when all of its Face Offs have been judged. If your pet wins, then you will also receive the gold coin bonus that you selected when you setup the challenge. If your pet’s photo loses, don’t be discouraged or take it personally. Please remember that a Cuteness Challenge is meant to be fun subjective measure of your photo’s cuteness (not your pet’s cuteness). The average win rate for Cuteness Challenges is 50% so keep trying and playing with different photos!

Each Pet Parade player may create one active Cuteness Challenge at a time. Creating a Cuteness Challenge is a fun way to earn gold coins faster and to boost your photos’ cuteness scores which will become increasingly more important as you advance in levels and tournaments.

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