Pet Parade v2.0

Dear Pet Paraders,

We are thankful and humbled that you have made Pet Parade the leading social media app for sharing your treasured memories of your beloved pets. Since the very first release of Pet Parade, the team at Good Boy Studios listened to your likes and dislikes and worked tirelessly to ensure that Pet Parade was fair and fun for everyone.  

That is why we are so excited to announce the release of Version 2.0 of Pet Parade in the upcoming weeks ahead.  Our three primary goals with this significant redesign of the Pet Parade game are:

  1. To make it easier for casual, non-power users to win on Pet Parade.
  2. To make it very difficult (hopefully impossible) for power users to gain unfair advantages by forming exclusive alliances to trade treats and vote for each other’s pets. 
  3. To create an empirical algorithm for measuring “cuteness” for your pet’s photos and videos that becomes an accurate predictor of your pet’s likelihood of winning.    

We plan to start rolling out Version 2.0 in stages during the first two weeks of February. As an existing member of the Pet Parade community, we have put together a summary of the changes to expect in Version 2.0 below. We encourage you to read the document below and send us your questions.

Paws Up!

Coder & the team at Good Boy Studios



Contests & Leaderboards Go Away  

Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly contests go away in Version 2.0.  Due to the nature of ranked contests, as our user base has continued to grow, there simply are not enough opportunities for people to win using the old leaderboard model of Version 1.0.  Also we found that the ultra competitive nature of the Version 1.0 contests fostered some not-so-nice behaviors of bullying and accusations of cheating among our most dedicated and loyal power users.   We love all of our power users and want you to love each other too! 🙂 


In Version 2.0, the main game play stays the same.  You earn silver and gold coins by swiping off to vote.  However you will notice in Version 2.0, every voting round will now introduce a brand new pair of photos instead of carrying the winner over to the next set. 

You will also notice in Version 2.0, we are placing a higher emphasis on voting for the photo that best matches the #hashtag theme and we reveal the winning pet’s name and cuteness score at the end of each round.  

Face Offs and Boosting

In Version 1.0 everytime you upload a new photo it will receive face-offs where other users are guaranteed to see your photo and vote on it.  To get more face-offs faster, you Boost your photos.  

In Version 2.0, Boosting goes away and when you upload your photo, it will not get any face-offs until you explicitly enter the photo into a Cuteness Challenge or Tournament described below.   

Cuteness Challenges

New Feature: Cuteness Challenge in Pet Parade version 2

To find out how cute a particular photo or video you’ve posted on Pet Parade is, you can take a Cuteness Challenge.  A Cuteness Challenge is similar to the Version 1.0 concept of “boosting” which guarantees your photo a specific number of face-offs. However, when you create a Cuteness Challenge your photo is paired with a randomly selected opponent and you win gold coins if you win your challenge!  

Winning Cuteness Challenges increase your photo’s “cuteness score” and increases your chances of winning Tournaments and showing up in the featured photos in the Explore Photos feed.


New Feature: Tournaments in Pet Parade version 2

In Version 2.0, weekly and monthly contests are replaced with Tournaments. Tournaments are themed competitions between 64 to 256 pets that are grouped by Level, Pet Type, and minimum Cuteness Score requirements.   Tournaments are single elimination competitions where winners advance to the next round. You use your gold coins to enter a tournament and win prize tickets each time you advance to a higher round.  

Unlike Version 1.0, where all users are automatically entered into a limited pool of weekly contests, Version 2.0 will offer an unlimited number of tournaments from which players may choose to enter.  Tournaments are the main way that players can earn prize tickets to use in the Pet Parade prize store. Your ability to earn prize tickets is now directly related to the number of Tournaments you enter and how cute your pet’s photos are.  

Levels, Treats, and XP Points

Unlock Levels, Treats by collecting XP Points

Whenever another user votes for your pet in a face off or sends your pet a treat after each voting round, you have the opportunity to collect “experience points” or “XP” for short.  Collecting XP allows you to “level-up” to a higher level. Levels apply to pet parents rather than pets. A pet parent’s level determines which Tournaments you can enter and what prizes and discounts you can win.  

In Version 1.0, sending and returning treats was a main way that users were able to rank high on the leaderboard.  In Version 2.0, treats do not award your pet any points and do not affect a pet’s cuteness score. However treats are a very powerful way to help other players level up quickly.  

Prizes and Prize Tickets

Your Prize Tickets are safe

All of the prize tickets that you’ve won in Version 1.0 will carry over to the new Version 2.0.  The exchange rate of a single prize ticket also remains the same in Version 2.0.

Version 2.0 introduces an expiration date for prize tickets and the concept of Level locked prizes.  When you redeem your prize tickets, the oldest tickets will automatically be used first and you will now be able to see your redemption history through a new screen.    

We are also excited to announce that we will be doubling the size of the prize catalog with Version 2.0 and will be introducing new features to allow you to redeem your prize tickets for discounts off pet food, supplies and treats that you can purchase at your local retail store of your choice.  

Browse and Like Your Favorite Pet Photos

New Browse Photo system

Version 2.0 introduces a fun way to quickly browse the cutest pet photos in the world as judged by the Pet Parade community.  Everyday your photo feed will update itself automatically with the pet photos and videos with the highest cuteness scores. You may now also “heart” a photo to save it to view later and we will be soon adding search, filter, hashtagging, and following features to personalize the photos that appear in your feed.

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