Pet Parade Rules

Code of Conduct

The Pet Parade Game and associated tournaments are sponsored by Good Boy Studios, Inc and are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple, Inc., or Google, Inc. Users are providing information to the Sponsor and not to Apple or Google


The Pet Parade Game and associated tournaments are games of skill. Players may submit photos of their pets into bracket style tournaments which are judged by other users for their artistry, cuteness, and illustration of the tournament hashtag theme.


To keep our community members safe, we have compiled the following list of official rules while playing and interacting with other users.

DO: Be kind and respectful of other pets and players.

Everyone loves their own pets as much as you love your own. You may not think that a Pet is cuter than yours, but please respect that other players may disagree with you.

DO NOT: Harass, bully, or threaten other players and pets.

You will be disqualified and banned from all Pet Parade contests and apps.

DO: Use the Block and Report features to ignore and report users.

If you dislike or disagree with someone, you can block their account by tapping on the user’s profile picture or a picture of his/her pet and selecting the Block User menu from the “…” menu. If you find a picture offensive, you may Report the picture by using the “…” menu in Face Offs or when viewing the picture in close up mode. You may also report a comment by touching and holding down on the offensive comment.

DO NOT: Retaliate

If someone posts something offensive or harmful that upsets you, after blocking and reporting the entry/comment, please send us an email by using the Contact Us menu option.

DO: Invite your friends and family to play Pet Parade.

We encourage you to invite your friends and family to install Pet Parade on their phones and vote and treat your pet to help you win the contest.

DO NOT: Create multiple fake accounts to treat & vote for your pet.

We treat cheating very seriously and have implemented sophisticated algorithms to detect cheating. We also conduct a review of all winners at the end of each contest season and closely audit the voting patterns of our winners and users suspected of cheating. Creating multiple accounts is against our terms of service and will result in disqualification of your pets.

DO: Report cheating to us.

If you suspect someone of cheating, please send us an email.

DO NOT: Accuse other players of cheating.

We treat cheating very seriously and investigate all reports of cheating. We analyze voting and treating patterns using sophisticated software to determine whether a person is cheating or not. Falsely accusing people of cheating is like bullying and hurts the credibility and fun of the game for everyone.

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