Getting Started & Rules

The Pet Parade Game and associated tournaments are sponsored by Good Boy Studios, Inc and are in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Apple, Inc., or Google, Inc. Users are providing information to the Sponsor and not to Apple or Google


The Pet Parade Game and associated tournaments are games of skill. Players may submit photos of their pets into bracket style tournaments which are judged by other users for their artistry, cuteness, and illustration of the tournament hashtag theme. See game rules.

Upload your favorite Pet pics

Upload your favorite Pet pics

Share your pet photos with the fastest growing community of pet parents in the world.  To upload and decorate your pet’s photos, visit the Photo Explore page and then tap on the Camera icon in the upper left corner.  

Vote to Earn Coins

Vote to earn coins

Whenever you judge a “face off” you earn 5 silver coins. For every 10 face offs judged, you earn 5 gold coins. And for every 100 face offs judged you get a special bonus of 20 to 50 gold coins.

Use your Silver Coins to create a Cuteness Challenge

Participate in cuteness challenge

Want to know how cute the photos and video you’ve posted on Pet Parade are?  Create a Cuteness Challenge to test how cute your photos are compared to a randomly selected opponent.  Bet your silver coins in order to win gold coins.  

Use your Gold Coins to enter Tournaments

Enter tournaments

Tournaments are themed competitions between 64 to 256 pets that are grouped by Level, Pet Type, and minimum Cuteness Score requirements.   Tournaments are single elimination competitions where winners advance to the next round. Use your gold coins to enter a Tournament. The Winners of each round win prize tickets to use in the Pet Parade prize store.

Level-up to unlock Tournaments and Prizes

level up to unlock tournaments and prizes

A pet parent’s level determines which Tournaments you can enter and what prizes and discounts you can win.  Whenever another user votes for your pet in a face off or sends your pet a treat after each voting round, you have the opportunity to collect “experience points” or “XP” for short.  Collecting XP allows you to “level-up” to a higher level. Levels apply to pet parents rather than pets.  

Win Prize Tickets to spend in the Prize Store

Spend tickets in Prize Store

Thousands of free prizes are won every week on Pet Parade!  Pet Parade users can redeem their Prize Tickets for free prizes or special discounts off pet food, treats and toys.  

There are several ways to win Prize Tickets on Pet Parade:

  • Enter and win Tournaments
  • Upload a new photo of your pet everyday
  • Vote for 50 face-off matches every 12 hours
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