How to Earn Coins

There are two types of “coins” in Pet Parade, gold and silver. Silver coins are used to add photos and enter Cuteness Challenges. And gold coins are used to enter Tournaments.

The main way to earn both silver and gold coins is to vote for other pets in the main game play screen by tapping the center button. Whenever you vote for a pet you are presented with a “face off” or pairing of two photos or short video clips of competing pets. Swipe off the photo that is less cute such that the winner remains.

Whenever you vote for a “face off” you earn 5 silver coins. For every 10 face offs judged, you earn 5 gold coins. And for every 100 face offs judged you get a special bonus of 20 to 50 gold coins.

You can also earn gold coins by doing any of the following:

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