How to Win Prize Tickets

How to Win Prize Tickets

Prize tickets are used in the Prize Store to redeem for real pet products like treats, food, and toys from your favorite pet brands.

There are several ways to win Prize Tickets on Pet Parade:

Whenever you win a Tournament Match, you will win the number of Prize Tickets awarded to all winners of the Tournament Round. To see how many tickets are awarded for each Round, visit the Tournament’s Home page and view the Prizes tab.

Each time you Level Up by collecting XP from your Cuteness Challenges and Tournament Matches, you will earn Prize Tickets.

Daily Challenge

An easy way to earn Prize Tickets everyday is to complete the Daily Photo Challenge. Go to your My Photos tab to view the Daily Photo Challenge for the day and tap the Camera icon in the upper right corner to upload a new photo.

You also earn prize tickets every time you complete the Daily Voting Challenge and vote for 5 consecutive matches. A new Daily Voting challenge unlocks every 12 hours and awards between 10 to 50 prize tickets.

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