Tournaments are themed competitions between 64 to 256 pets that are grouped by Level, Pet Type, and minimum Cuteness Score requirements.   Tournaments are single elimination competitions where winners advance to the next round. You use your gold coins to enter a tournament and win prize tickets each time you advance to a higher round.  

To enter a Tournament, tap the trophy cup button on the bottom nav bar to visit the Tournament Home screen. At the top of the screen you will see the list of Tournaments that you may join and below the open tournaments will be the currently active tournaments and past tournaments which have been won.

To join an open Tournament, tap a Tournament at the top of the screen to view it’s Bracket. Find an empty spot in the first Round of the Bracket and tap the Enter My Pet cell. Each Tournament has a specific theme and different requirements on the types of photos allowed into the tournament. Please choose photos that match the theme of the tournament for the best chances of winning. Some Tournaments are also exclusive to dogs or cats and others are exclusive to higher level players only and require you to enter multiple photos.

After you’ve selected your photos which meet the requirements of the Tournament, tap the ENTER TOURNAMENT button in the lower right corner of the screen to pay the entrance fee using your gold coins.

Once your pet is entered, you must wait until the tournament countdown timer completes in order to start receiving votes. Once the tournament begins, we will send you a notification and you can check your pet’s results in each round of the tournament by visiting the My Scoreboard tab on the Tournaments page.

Tournament Matches are similar to Cuteness Challenges and are judged as best-of 15 to 100 face-offs between two competing pets. Whenever your pet wins a Face Off vote, you will see his/her score increment up in the top portion of the Match Results screen. Each vote is tallied in the Match Feed at the bottom of the screen. When your pet wins or is given a treat, don’t forget to collect the XP from the win or treat by tapping the purple buttons. You will need the XP to level-up and unlock prizes in the prize store.

Your pet’s Tournament Match ends when all of its Face Offs have been judged. If your pet wins, then you will also receive the Prize Ticket bonus for the Round. Winning pets will automatically advance to the next round. Voting for the next round starts immediately once the previous round has been completed.

If your pet’s photo loses, don’t be discouraged or take it personally. Please remember that Tournaments are meant to be a fun subjective measure of your photo’s cuteness (not your pet’s cuteness). The average win rate for Tournament Matches is 50% so keep trying and playing with different photos!

General Rules

  • A photo may only win once. If a photo is entered and wins more than once, the user forfeits their prizes. This includes uploading the same image as a duplicate of the original, cropping or editing the original winning photo or adding stickers, borders and messages to the photo.

Pet Parade reserves the right to change, update or add rules at any time.

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