Upload Your Pet Photos & Videos

To upload a new photo or video of your pet, tap the Photo button on the main navigation menu. Then tap the Camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Allow Pet Parade to access your camera and photo library in order to browse your existing photos or take a new one.

After selecting or taking a new photo, your photo will be screened by our pet detection algorithms to ensure your photo contains a dog, cat, or critter as it’s main subject. Most of the time our pet detection algorithm is very accurate in detecting pet subjects. However, at times it may not be able to detect your pet in your photo. This often happens if the lighting in your photo is too dark or if your pet is in the background rather than in the foreground as the main subject. If this happens, try taking a different photo of your pet with your pet’s face as the main focal point.

Edit photos with Frames, Text and Stickers

Once your photo successfully passes our screening process, you will have the option to decorate your photo with fun photo frames, fonts, or stickers. Once you are done decorating, tap the next button to pay for any decorations you’ve selected using your silver coins. If you don’t have enough silver coins, you may purchase them from the app store or tap the center button to vote to earn coins for free.

After you have checked out, you will have the option to select which of your pets is the subject of your photo or video. Select the pet who is the photo by tapping the bubble of your pet’s name. Or to register a new pet, tap the Add New pet bubble. Then select a #hashtag that best describes your photo by tapping the #Select hashtag bubble.

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